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Kids Against Cancer's Mission

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They don’t have to be reminded every single minute why they are here and what they’re here for. Don’t Let them Fight Alone. Together, we won’t.

Imagine a place where children with cancer or blood borne disease can be treated in an atmosphere that is cheerful and uplifting. In a place where the attitude is healthy and so are the spirits of the children being treated.

This is the mission of Kids Against Cancer (KAC).

The goal is to open the first Kids Against Cancer Pediatric Oncology Center at Staten Island University Hospital Northwell Health. Simply put, to create a special place for kids to heal - from the outside in.

At Staten Island University Hospital Northwell Health, comprehensive, cutting edge medical protocol treatment will certainly be the priority but their overall experience, one that children can relate to – a “kid like” experience - will be just as important. This will be achieved through the creation of an environment that is welcoming, warm and serene.



“It took a sick child to open my eyes, my mind and my heart,” said Michael Grillo, the founder and President of Kids Against Cancer. While going through his own Cancer treatment and struggles with the disease, Michael encountered and was inspired by the pediatric patients but specifically a teenage cancer patient that was recuperating from surgery to treat his cancer in 1984. He realized how inappropriate the cold and sterile environment was for children and how it certainly did not lend to healing from the outside in. That is when he committed his life to making a better place for children to be treated. That place will be the Kids Against Cancer Pediatric Oncology Center.